Honesty Group

A message from Romilla

“We are two weeks into the re-opening of some of our shops and I am so impressed with how our lovely staff have enthusiastically risen to the challenge of returning to work. I think they all feel that they are well looked after with the social distancing measures that we have managed to achieve in all of our locations. It is good to see our products out there again being appreciated by our customers. I was seriously hankering for a croissant and a takeaway coffee on the first day of opening and neither disappointed. It is good to get pleasure from the simple things that we normally take for granted. I can only stress that there has never been a more crucial time for consumers to support local businesses. Although some of us are tentatively opening there are serious challenges ahead for most businesses. The traditional, national food supply chain, which relies heavily on foreign imports did not work seamlessly when lockdown began and without small local businesses there would have been a lot more shortages and problems experienced by people trying to get hold of basic foodstuffs. There will be other shocks to our economy in the future, that is without question, so make sure your treasured, independent producers and businesses are still around then by supporting them now. We will have a lot more news to share with you shortly. We are about to launch our “click, collect and go” which is very exciting, e-commerce here we come! If you visit our cookery school page on our website you will see that we have put up some new course dates for the autumn. We have a few more of our shops opening shortly, Bucklebury Park and Basingtoke Garden Centre, so pay us a visit there if you are able. Don’t abandon your love of good bread now that lockdown is easing. You can order online for next day collection from one of our shops. Stay safe and enjoy good food!”

The recipe

The word “recipe” originates from the Latin verb “recipere” meaning to receive and was associated initially with medical prescriptions rather than instructions on how to

Bread – Back To Basics

Romilla was inspired by the four simple ingredients that make bread and a desire to reconnect communities back to the honest goodness of this nutritious