Bread of the Month - Dark Rye Bread

This dark, dense bread has a distinctive, nutty flavour that goes very well with most savoury toppings. It also contains more fibre and vitamins than wheat breads. It is one of Europe’s oldest breads and one of the most popular from German pumpernickel to Polish Chleb Zytni. It is considered to be one of the most healthy breads to eat. The Scandinavians will eat it with pickled and smoked fish and charcuterie and cheese. It will often be presented as an open sandwich. Have something different for lunch and give some a try! – Romilla

Honesty says: If you think “I can’t buy that loaf of bread because it is too big for one” you can slice the loaf and freeze it just using what you need. Frozen bread is actually better for you as the freezing breaks down the starch and makes it act more like fibre. Waste not want not – any crusts left over make amazing bread crumbs – great for coating and for thickening soups and stews.

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