Bread of the Month - Granary Cobber

Our bread of the month is the poppy seed bloomer. The term ‘bloomer’ refers to the shape of the bread, rounded at the ends and flat on the bottom. The dough is allowed to ‘bloom’ when rising and baking, not restricted by a bread tin. The poppy seeds add an attractive finish to the loaf and a nutty flavour. Perfect for sandwiches or toasted, the crumb is beautifully soft and the crust has a good chew to it. – Romilla

Honesty says: If you think “I can’t buy that loaf of bread because it is too big for one” you can slice the loaf and freeze it just using what you need. Frozen bread is actually better for you as the freezing breaks down the starch and makes it act more like fibre. Waste not want not – any crusts left over make amazing bread crumbs – great for coating and for thickening soups and stews.

Available at all of our locations.