Bread of the Month - Tiger Bread

Tiger bread is Dutch in origin. The bread is so called because of the orangey, mottled crust which is obtained by coating the dough with a rice paste before baking. This coating then cracks and breaks in the oven giving the mottled appearance. It looks so pretty and tastes just as good. Perfect as a sandwich loaf as the crumb is nice and soft. When the bread is not so fresh it toasts very well. – Romilla

Honesty says: If you think “I can’t buy that loaf of bread because it is too big for one” you can slice the loaf and freeze it just using what you need. Frozen bread is actually better for you as the freezing breaks down the starch and makes it act more like fibre. Waste not want not – any crusts left over make amazing bread crumbs – great for coating and for thickening soups and stews.

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