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The Breadline

Food or heating – what would you choose? Some may be confused by the question, wondering why one would have to choose between the two. When in reality, this is the choice that many people face in the UK each week.

The Tyranny of Now

Expecting to get what we want when we want it has become a realistic desire. Whether it is goods purchased over the internet, last minute trips abroad or food delivered to our doorsteps, the market economy has encouraged us to believe that it is reasonable to have our desires met by same day delivery.

Food For Thought

In a recently published article; Bee Wilson recounts her childhood memories of mindlessly eating – what we now know to be – ultra processed foods, describing the oncoming guilt and self-blame following this. Reading the in-depth description brought on emotions that were all too familiar. So many people would share the same memory, I’m sure, …

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