Back to Basics: Soups and Stews

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3 November 2020

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10:00 am

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Soups and stews offer so many meal options in the kitchen. They provide an economical way to get food on the table and they also give you, as a cook, the chance to really work in harmony with the seasons. There are some basic rules to follow, that once mastered will give you new confidence in the kitchen. The aroma, the sound and the sight of soups and stews gently simmering on the stove cannot fail to give you a sense of well being so join this course and appreciate the simple basics of what cooking can offer.

Join Romilla who will teach you her tips and tricks whilst chatting about the benefits of cooking from scratch. It’s all very relaxed and aimed at teaching you the simple, yet important things.

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    • 3 November 2020
      10:00 am - 3 October 2020 - 1:00 pm
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