Honesty Group

Our Values

The Honesty values mean doing business in a way that is better for everyone. It requires more thought, organisation and acceptance of a long-term view on profit. They address the critical concerns that impact every person in the UK today from the labour and food laws to the cost of the food industry on our environment, our local communities and our health and well being. The ambition is through living our values and delivering high quality products, service and employment, we can educate people to make better choices about food and its impact on all our lives. 

The role of educator has sometimes been tough. Our team need to be confident to address the myths and fads with facts and our values of what we will and won’t do, in the best interests of the community.  Like we will not charge a premium for non dairy milks on principal. And we limit our menu choices to be sustainably fresh every day.  For some people that can be frustrating, but happily for most, it is refreshing to learn and live better together. 

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